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  • For your markets, let us create uniqueness in a globalised world. Learn more about my approach to design management and its benefits to your business.  Find out more …

    Innovation, design and branding – these keywords define an important part of the path to leadership in today's rapidly changing markets. Design management is creative management. A key component of marketing, it brings together the creative and productive elements of a company and gives them a direction. And it gives a company a face, a recognition factor, which it projects to the outside world. Design management is what makes a company distinctive and unique – and thus supports the development of a company’s brand image.


    In positioning a company, effective branding is indispensable. This is also true, and particularly so, for small and medium-sized enterprises. Unlike large companies, SMEs can't afford large advertising budgets to support their branding. Here, other tools come into their own.


    This primarily includes a focus on unique selling propositions such as independent product design, quality and product benefits. This focus is supported on the input side by trend-scouting and market surveys; on the output side, through sales promotion concepts and effective public relations – always based on unique products.

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For Viducci's Garden I created a wide range of product lines reinterpreting classic shapes into new designs. Particular attention was paid to the production methods and the specific characteristics of the materials. All products were developed in close cooperation with the producers in Asia – with a particular focus on market requirements.


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My studio is an awesome place for creative work. It is located in Bonn's former embassy district at Humboldt House, originally built as a guest house for the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Designed in 1964 by Erich Schneider-Wessling it is one of the architect's earliest and most famous buildings. In the 60s, its large window areas and mobile interior walls were regarded as symbols of communicative openness. Today the building is a listed architectural monument.  More ...

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Karl H. Hergarten

Humboldt House

Herderstr. 57

53173 Bonn | Germany


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